Movie Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Part of our unschool journey has recently involved a weekly trip to the RedBox to grab a flick to watch as a family.

I thought it would be fun to review the films we rent so other families could take our experiences into consideration.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is amazing. Our almost three year old wanted to watch it over and over. There is one moment of very mild violence, where two people get into a barfight of sorts, mostly pushing. It was tolerable for Aliana, but would not have been a year ago.

The cinematography is beautiful and the story line is very well developed. We kept this movie from RedBox for nine entire days. Ben Stiller is the main character and Director. This is a must see for the entire family!

While writing this review Aliana saw me taking screen shots and said, “II want to see Walter”.  She remebered his name!

Watch the trailer here:

Contact RedBox and ask them to take Bitcoin!


Transcript: Interview with Sarah Stollak of World on a String

Name: Sarah Stollak

Your business name: World On A String

Your business

Description of business: Crochet jewelry in pearls, gemstones, glass, and other beautiful materials from around the world. Violinist, fiddler, guitarist, singer, songwriter.

Read the full Bitcoin Magazine article on Sarah here: coming soon

Question: Tell the evolution from concept to reality for your business (how was it born into the world?):
Sarah: My mom taught me how to knit in 1993 and I’ve been creating ever since. When I moved to Austin in 2004, I started an artisan booth at local markets, street fairs, and special events. Vending was supposed to be temporary while I found a real job, but almost a decade later here I am, still a full time creative entrepreneur.

Question: Who are your entrepreneurial inspirations / roll models?:
Sarah:I am continually inspired by people around me who push the boundaries of their own creativity – artists, activists, and entrepreneurs working towards a better future for humanity and animals. Elon Musk. Jane Goodall.

Question: Words of wisdom for others looking to start their own thing?
Sarah: There are many different learning styles. I learn by doing. It takes time to find what works for you. Listen to the music in your heart and find your own beat.

Question: Why did you decide to start accepting Bitcoin?:
Sarah: My interest in Bitcoin was theoretical until you and John gave me the option of accepting Bitcoin for your custom crochet wedding jewelry. I received my payment in Oct. 2013, right as the boom was happening, so of course I was hooked.

Question: Did you have to overcome any obstacles to start accepting Bitcoin?:
Sarah: There are still obstacles transacting in Bitcoin, but that’s part of what makes it fun, to be in the midst of something changing and growing so quickly. I started on, connected to a bank account, and started transacting via email address. While the anonymity of Bitcoin is important, so is ease. I got the Blockchain app on my iPhone, but then Apple blocked all Bitcoin services. I was the first Bitcoin customer at the Unconventional Oven pizza trailer, but I used the wrong email address to pay and after a month the funds were sent back to me. It took some failures and several tries to figure out how to use a QR code instead of transacting using an email address. Austin Bitcoin Meetup helped. In addition to technology, patience and a friendly community are always important.

Question: Has Bitcoin benefited your business in any way? (If so please describe):
Sarah: Bitcoin has provided my business more opportunities to reach an audience who appreciates me. Accepting Bitcoin also means getting to pay others in Bitcoin and participating in the economy. After profiting from my first Bitcoin transaction, I reinvested in my local community by taking out a radio ad on The Liberty Beat on 90.1 FM, and by hiring some of my favorite local musicians for a Bitcoin Shopping and Social Event.

Question: Would you recommend Bitcoin to other small business owners?
Sarah: Many business owners take a variety of payments already, so I encourage others to consider accepting Bitcoin. Bartering is also great. I dislike a trend I’ve seen of small business owners refusing to take cash and only accepting credit cards. Sure, using less FRNs is ideal, but I do think a business basic is to make it easy for people to give you money.

Question: Why is Bitcoin so important, anyway?
Sarah: As a global digital currency/property, the potential of Bitcoin to radically shift the exchange of value away from banks is interesting, regardless of the dollar value at any moment.

Question: Describe a day in your life.
Sarah: I’m living the the dream making art and making music! I enjoy working, playing, kayaking, swimming, eating, and going for nature walks in the warm Texas weather.

Question: Any last thoughts?
Sarah: Oh! There is one more thing I thought would be cool to mention, how BTC and beads are both forms of money.
African trade beads, Italian glass, shells, and pearls, have been prized in civilizations throughout history.
Beads can be considered one of the first currencies in the United States, when Native Americans traded Wampum beads with colonials.

What Triggers You?

Our family is currently dealing with some interpersonal issues with a family we are close to.  I realized that I was reacting strongly to some of their comments because I had unresolved issues from my childhood where I felt judged and criticized by my family and under communicated with by those in my household.

This podcast on triggers really hit close to home with me and I wanted to share for all you stressed out/overloaded moms out there.  Do you overreact in certain circumstances?  If so, which ones?   What in your past could be serving as a trigger in your present?




Catherine Bleish and John Bush Speak Against Water Fluoridation at Austin City Council Meeting

A few weeks ago my husband and I spoke at the Austin City Council Meeting about their decision to put fluoride in the water.  My daugher was born with fluorisis of the teeth (and likely bone) from my consumption of Austin water.  I didn’t know I was drinking Austin water and had taken the fluoride filter off of our water filter!

Here is the video:

Here is a great article about the event that was published by Natural News:


Catherine Bleish interviewed by Money and Tech Magazine

At the Texas Bitcoin Conference I was interviewed by this Money and Tech publication!

“Crypto currencies are a way for free people to have a free monetary system where we can really lift each other up and build positive institutions that are based on voluntary interaction”.

- Catherine Bleish

I could not figure out how to embed the video – please watch it here:

Check out the cameo of my daughter Aliana and our friend Allie holding my son Bill!


Are You Overcommitted?

If you are a mom in modern society, the answer is probably yes. I am overcommitted, for sure!

Here are some tips by Dr. Bourg Carter of Psychology Today on reducing your commitments:

Resist Being Ms. Fix-It-All: High-achievers tend to jump in and fix a problem as soon as it hits their radar screen, even when it’s not their problem. Resist! Let others take care of it. They may not do it as quickly or as good as you might, but I assure you, if you weren’t there, it would somehow get done. And it will if you resist.

The Art of Saying No: Practice It! Sometimes, high-achievers commit to something because they’re caught off guard when the favor is asked and they don’t have what they think is a “good reason” to say no. The truth is you don’t need a good reason to say no. But if you feel that way, then it helps to be prepared, and the only way to be prepared is to practice.

Negotiate: If you feel strongly about a project or cause, but don’t have the time right then to devote to it, try negotiating a time that will work better for your schedule

Read her article on overcoming the overcommitted lifestyle in its entirety here:


512bitcoin, Brave New Books, and Make the Wall Street Journal Blog

I am so proud of my husband and his work with – the 512bitcoin mini conference that he planned with Harlan of Brave New Books made the Wall Street Journal blog!  The Women in BTC panel hosted by was mentioned, too, although  not by name.

here is an excerpt:

The day included an Oxford-style debate on the relative merits of bitcoin vs other “alternative currencies” like litecoin. One panel focused on women and bitcoin. Two young mothers held their babies and argued passionately about how bitcoin frees people from government influence.

John Bush, who runs, a bitcoin consulting firm, organized Sunday’s session. “Bitcoin proves we don’t need government to exchange value with one another,” he said while holding his baby son William. Libertarians are particularly distrustful of the Federal Reserve, which they argue unfairly manipulates the value of the dollar through monetary measures like quantitative easing. Bitcoin “undermines the banks and the state,” he said.

read the full article here:


Welcome to Episode Two of the Women in Bitcoin Podcast Series. In this episode we have a casual and informative chat with Megan Duffield of Amagi Metals. For full show notes scroll below the embedded podcast. Listen to the whole series in this playlist.

Thanks for listening!

About Megan Duffield:

Name: Megan Duffield
Bio: Megan Duffield is an avid believer in voluntary interaction and has been an active member of the liberty movement since 2009. As a mother to one furry, four-legged creature, her passions lie in dog culture, philosophy, hip-hop, cryptocurrencies and interpersonal communication. She’s traveled the country and is now taking a big step into building a business all the while she promotes and waves the flag for one of the TOP bitcoin-friendly, gold and silver dealers in Denver, CO – Amagi Metals. With more energy than she knows what to do with, her efforts are tireless in the pursuit of personal freedom.
Coming Soon:
Connect with Megan on Twitter.

Show Notes:

  •  Welcome, introduction.
  • Megan’s history with Bitcoin (Liberty Forum, New Hampshire)
  • Megan’s history with Alt Currencies (Silver!)
  • Getting the Skinny on Silver Investing by David Morgan
  • Types of Silver, Junk Silver, Bullion, etc..
  • Male Dominance of BTC community
  • Empowering Women Through Small Business
  • BTC = Real Power Source for the Grass Roots
  • Feeling Overwhelmed or Confused = Barrier to Entry for BTC
  • Amagi Metals, taking BTC for silver and gold!  Under 30 company.
  • Puppy Adventures (her soon to launch business!)- taking dogs on trails during the day!
  • Labeling Women, Helps or Hurts?  Treat Each Other Well and More Women Will Join!


My BTC Story, Published for Bitcoin Woman Magazine

Bitcoin Woman Magazine Published my BTC story. Check it out here:

My Bitcoin story begins at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire. I have attended this event five years in a row, each year witnessing the practical application of alternative currencies for trade. First it was silver, then Bitcoin.

My first trek to the Free State of New Hampshire was the summer of 2009. When I arrived at the sixth annual PorcFest I was unaware that my concept of money, trade and barter would be forever changed. That year I attended the event for two purposes; to teach activists about DHS fusion centers and to work a vendor booth so I could fund my trip home.
While I was working the booth I was introduced to a method of payment called Shire Silver. These credit-card sized laminated trading cards contained small strips of silver or gold, providing a simple and practical method for exchange. In addition to the Shire Silver cards, I conducted some of my first trades for silver rounds or junk silver (pre-1965 dimes and quarters) The concept blew my mind and I returned home feeling incredibly empowered.

The following year I was introduced to dime cards, which are similar to the Shire Silver cards in that they are laminated credit card sized trading cards with a silver dime inside. These were considered more reliable because dimes are harder to “fake” than the strands of silver.

By my forth Porcfest customers began approaching our booth asking to pay in BTC. This was not something we were prepared to do, but listened with curiosity. My fifth PorcFest was the first time I truly utilized the crypto currency. Nearly every vendor had been set up to accept BTC, and we came prepared to spend zero FRNs if we could. We bought food with BTC, apparel, and my favorite knit owl hats for myself and my daughter.

We filmed our no-FRN challenge at PorcFest for our educational docu-reality show called Sovereign Living. The entire episode is centered around BTC and it’s many uses. This PorcFest was particularly life changing for us with regards to our involvement in the Bitcoin economy. Not only did we spend and receive the currency in exchange for vendor goods, but we received two large lumps sums of BTC.

First, the nonprofit producing Sovereign Living received a donation of Bitcoin valued $10,000 at the time. This donation was used to fund the next episodes of our show. Additionally, my husband won Second place in Agorist Pitch, a business start up competition. The award for taking second place? $1,000 worth of BTC. That seed money was used to take his news service, The Liberty Beat, to the next level by allowing him to hire both writers and voice talent, who he still pays in Bitcoin!

It wasn’t easy for me to set up my first wallet, to be honest. And it took the help of a friend here in Austin to make it happen. Now, almost one year has passed since I finally set up my first wallet and I am passionately advocating the crypto currency. My particular passion is to make the currency more woman and family friendly. I am doing this by blogging at, speaking at events, and working with conferences to make their events more conducive to families.

I feel strongly that Bitcoin provides an opportunity for anti-state activists to stop funding activities they find immoral, to empower innovation through small business start ups, and reduce the cost of conducting business through peer to peer money transfers.

This is particularly relevant for women who have been culturally and historically disempowered. Now a woman anywhere In the world with access to the internet can become an international business owner. Sure, it can empower any person to become an international business owner regardless of their gender, but women have been particularly left behind In the entrepreneurial world, and now have the opportunity to catch up.

From the stay at home mom in a Western society to a culturally repressed woman in the developing world, women have opportunity at their fingertips. Never before have women had a greater chance to overcome the negative economic forces that they face. It is through Bitcoin that women and men alike are freeing themselves from dependency on the status quo. I am so excited to have been introduced to Bitcoin and look forward to many years of learning more about the crypto currency and growing the Bitcoin ecosystem!


Living With Abundance

A good friend of ours recently taught John and I a new way of looking at life and making decisions.  Living an abundant life comes with an abundant attitude!  Check out her awesome words of wisdom below!

The following was posted today on Facebook by Jessica Arman.

You know the trash compactor scene in Star Wars? There have been times in the past that my life has felt like that. (Especially financially) So in an effort to make things work, I would shrink my life to fit.

The funny thing is, that every time I would shrink the universe would close in even more. Things got pretty scary there for a minute.

Now…My life is completely different. So, what changed? I did. Instead of trying to squeeze my life into what the universe was handing me, Justin and I decided to ACT. With an abundance mindset we started to get our lives in order. We removed contradiction, negativity, and distractions. And with a clear mind we were able to create our lives! To create joy, knowledge, happiness, peace and abundance and boy did we!

It can be done. There is positivity, happiness and abundance all around us. We simply have to choose to see it. (And that is the hard part.) Open your eyes. This world is beautiful and filled with beautiful people.

Open your eyes and CHOOSE TO SEE IT!

Now that is what I call practical advice for alternative moms!

Practical Wisdom for Alternative Moms.